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6 steps to build your self-confidence

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1. Identify Your Fear: Think of something you desire but which feels out of reach. Write it down. 📜

2. List Small Steps: Break down your goal (or desire) into small, achievable steps you can take. ✍️

3. Assess the Fear Factor: Rate each step from 0 ('no way I'm doing that') to 5 ('easy-peasy, I've already done it'). 🧐

4. Start in the Middle: Begin with steps rated around 3, the sweet spot of manageable challenges. 💼

5. Take Daily Action: Commit to taking one of these steps every day. Consistency is key. 📅

6. Reflect and Repeat: At the end of each week, reflect on your progress and adjust your steps as needed. 🌟

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Image by Alysha Rosly

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