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My approach is grounded in Psychosynthesis, which is an integrative, holistic and depth psychology that builds upon the foundations of psychoanalytic, Jungian, humanistic and developmental psychologies (1).

It is a psycho-spiritual or psychology of the Self, which is based on the belief that we, humans, are spiritual beings.
In other words, there is more to us than our minds, bodies and emotions. This spiritual element (or Self) is our essence, one’s true nature. And it is always calling us to express it more fully (to be more “whole”) and to live our lives in alignment with it.

As we develop, we learn to repress or disown certain parts of ourselves, in order to fit in the world that we are born and evolve in. These adaptions initially serve us, but while they remain unconscious, they control and therefore can limit us.

Psychosynthesis is a guide to uncover, reclaim and harmonise all these disparate parts, so we can experience ourselves more fully and authentically. From this place, we become freer to choose how to act and live our lives based on what we want, rather than what we need or feel compelled to do.

Flower Bud Petals Psychosynthesis Soul Spirit

​Often, as the sense of ‘personal wholeness’ settles in, our attention moves beyond the personal to a sense of connection and desire to serve the ‘greater whole’. This might be expressed in terms of the planet, social responsibility, community, or a contribution to something meaningful (2).

This is the emerging need of leaders, organisation and society that psychosynthesis coaching responds to - to remove limitations and help people release their potential and achieve their goals, in service of the greater good.


Find out more about Psychosynthesis or Psychosynthesis for coaching.

(1) Psychosynthesis as a psychology for coaching (an introduction, by Aubyn Howard)

(2) What is psychosynthesis (by Roger Evans, co-founder of the institute of Psychosynthesis, London)

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