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Clients testimonials


“[The coaching experience] has been transformational, much more than I had expected prior to starting. [Nathalie's] approach was very different than traditional coaching as [she] worked with me to discover the best way for me to process information/my feelings and helped me understand my aspirations, which then enabled me to visualize the outcome I wanted to achieve and the steps I needed to take to get there.

Thanks again for everything this experience with you has been truly transformational!"

(Senior HR Business Partner, GSK)

It’s hard for me to put into words how valuable was my coaching with Nathalie. [Over time], I grew more, being gentle to myself and learnt where to spend my time, energy, and focus. Nathalie added such fuel and encouragement to meet my goals. It was very collaborative.

This took very hard work on my part, but Nathalie was truly right there alongside me.

The takeaway [is] if you are willing to make a change, it's ok to be vulnerable and humble, and Nathalie will help you to make “micro” changes to get to your big goal."

(Learning professional, GSK)

“I have taken so much [from this experience]. It helped me to realise the career path I was on was not one I had chosen for myself and wasn't right for me. Over the 6 sessions, I ended up changing my job and relocating! The sessions help me to realise what I needed to serve me at this point in time. I feel like I started this journey very anxious and worried but feel much more confident and happy now with how I approach things and people. Thank you so much for everything, it really feels like it has been life-changing!"

(Future leader graduate, GSK)

“The benefit I gained from coaching went beyond my expectations. Above the specific areas we agreed to work on, we took a deeper approach to understand why and actions I can take to resolve and improve situations. The skills I learned, I can apply to other challenges I may face both on a professional and personal level. I learned a lot about myself and the factors that contribute to my views on the world, learning what these are and of these which I should keep and challenge."

(Future leader graduate, GSK)
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