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What do my clients say?


“[The coaching experience] has been transformational, much more than I had expected prior to starting. [Nathalie's] approach was very different than traditional coaching as [she] worked with me to discover the best way for me to process information/my feelings and helped me understand my aspirations, which then enabled me to visualize the outcome I wanted to achieve and the steps I needed to take to get there. Thanks again for everything this experience with you has been truly transformational!"

Senior HR Business Partner
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A truly positive experience. [Nathalie is] able to create a safe space to explore goals and offer non judgemental 
reflection. Open, intuitive and professional. Extremely grateful to have worked with such a talented coach. 
I have a greater sense of peace, I don’t feel the need to hold on so tight. I feel ready for the adventure
ahead and have found a much happier way of being."

Onyx Learning & Development

“I have taken so much [from this experience]. It helped me to realise the career path I was on was not one I had chosen for myself and wasn't right for me. Over the 6 sessions, I ended up changing my job and relocating! The sessions help me to realise what I needed to serve me at this point in time. I feel like I started this journey very anxious and worried but feel much more confident and happy now with how I approach things and people. Thank you so much for everything, it really feels like it has been life-changing!"

Future leader graduate

“The benefit I gained from coaching went beyond my expectations. Above the specific areas we agreed to work on, we took a deeper approach to understand why and actions I can take to resolve and improve situations. The skills I learned, I can apply to other challenges I may face both on a professional and personal level. I learned a lot about myself and the factors that contribute to my views on the world, learning what these are and of these which I should keep and challenge."

Future leader graduate
Quality Executive

“[Nathalie] demonstrated her strong leadership by guiding us through challenging changes with a well-communicated strategy and vision that supported smooth transitions. Her coaching skills are remarkable, which facilitated the change process under a philosophy of respect for people, trust and continuous development / improvement of her team that I truly appreciate.”

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