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Embark on a journey of personal transformation and unleash your true potential

Do you often feel...


Seeking change but       feeling stuck?


Discover life-changing strategies to break free from repeating patterns and embrace growth.


Do you feel a sense of emptiness despite success?

Uncover the missing piece to personal fulfillment


Are you surviving rather than thriving?



Learn to balance ambition with well-being to thrive in your personal and professional life.

I used to...

I kept looking for things on the outside, to ease the disconnect and discontent I felt on the inside. I was near a breaking point -- desperately longing for a change, for something else but I didn't know what.

Years later, I stand as a testament to the power of internal change, living a life infused with vitality and meaning. My transition to become a life and professional coach was fueled by this personal evolution, driven by a desire to inspire and empower others to find their own fulfillment and cultivate the best version of themselves.

With my rich background as a psychologist, coaching / mentor accreditation, an adept facilitator, and decades of leadership at a global pharmaceutical company, I bring a rich blend of psychological insight and practical wisdom to my coaching. This unique fusion is further enriched by my specialized training in psychosynthesis,  allowing my to offer a holistic approach to fostering growth, self-discovery and meaningful transformation.

Together, let's embark on a journey to unlock your potential, creating a pathway to a vibrant and purposeful life.


Are you ready to live the life you really want ?

Life Coaching

My clients come to me for a variety of reasons, such as: lack of confidence, "impostor syndrome", navigating change, finding their voice, managing boundaries, assertiveness training, changing career direction, motivation/meaning, emotional mastery, authenticity and more.

Although if you think about it, it is the same reason --

 they want something to change!

Leadership Development

Empowering mid-career clients to elevate their leadership skills, our program addresses challenges such as strategic thinking, influence, team dynamics, and effective communication, guiding them towards impactful organizational change and personal growth

Webinars & Workshops

Our webinars and workshops offer transformative insights on themes like Overcoming Impostor Syndrome, Setting Healthy Boundaries, Letting Go of Perfectionism, and embracing 'I Am Remarkable,' designed to inspire and empower mid-career women on their journey to personal and

professional fulfillment.

Here's what to expect...

Are you ready to take that first step?

Go ahead and get in touch!

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Spiral Staircase

"Just because you can’t see the whole stairway,doesn’t mean you don’t take the first step."

Martin Luther King Jr

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