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I have always been a keen observer of the world and people around me, and the school of life has taught me a lot about human nature and relationships.


Culturally, I stand on a rich tapestry woven from threads of French, Vietnamese, and Moroccan influences. Having spent the first half of my life in France, my sense of adventure brought me to the UK, where I have spent the last 20 years. I know what it is like to feel different, or rootless, and to struggle with a sense of belonging.


In the various roles I inhabit – leader, mother, wife, daughter, friend – I've grasped the pressures and expectations we, and others, can place on ourselves and the delicate balance required to fulfil them. I also know what it is like to feel that you have to split or hide parts of yourself in order to be accepted or successful in a particular group (in relationships or at work).

I recognise the seemingly paradoxical yet crucial role vulnerability plays in effective leadership, and the challenges posed in upholding authenticity in an environment that may seem averse to this concept.

I have had a life-long journey of soul searching. Work-wise, I followed what I was good at and could get paid for, which led me to a successful and mostly satisfying career. But I was always looking for something more, something truly fulfilling.

I was lucky enough to experience coaching at work. It opened my eyes to the limitations that I was imposing on myself, and the realisation that there could be something more. The journey never ends but I now know what path I want to be on and what can help me stay on it. And, I'm committed to helping others embark on their journey of self-discovery and growth.

Nathalie Cordell Coaching Psychosynthesis Organisational and Leadership Coach


My 20-year tenure at a global pharmaceutical company, mostly in management and leadership roles, has equipped me with the skills to drive change and continuous improvement at the organisational as well as the individual level from both practical and human perspectives. And, through my coaching approach, I was able to create high-performing teams by helping each team member embrace the best version of themselves.


Working across different countries and cultures has been a cherished part of my journey. I find immense joy in embracing diversity, continually amazed by our shared humanity amidst our differences.



I am compassionate, caring and honest. And my coaching style has been described as open, curious, tenacious, sensitive and empathic, with a good measure of warmth and wisdom. I use my intuition to help you get to your inner truth. And I am confident to challenge and speak the unspoken.

I am a psychologist, EMCC-accredited coach / mentor and an experienced facilitator.

My MA in leadership and organisational coaching from Middlesex University involved uniquely in-depth training and has provided a robust foundation and psychological depth to my practice.

I also hold the following qualifications from the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London:

  • Diploma in 5DL (Five dimensions of leadership) coaching

  • Diploma in psychosynthesis life coaching

  • Diploma in psychosynthesis leadership and organisational coaching

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